Work Smarter, Not Harder in Real Estate

In this market we are in there is a necessity to work faster, run leaner, and get more bang for our buck to stay profitable all while trying to have somewhat of a life besides real estate. Efficiency is something I am always trying to improve because sometimes you hit a ceiling in real estate at that point will require you to find ways of working leaner in order to boost your profit margins. This has happened to me in the past and I would have been fine being happy with a certain income number but with my compulsive personality the only thing I wanted was more torrential business and income growth. But the only way to achieve that was by increasing my capabilities and being able to magnify myself to handle a much larger work load.The obvious answer to this problem is technology. I notice a lot of agents are a little reluctant to adopt new technologies and would rather outsource to more humans and do business the same way it’s been done for the last 15 years. I have always liked technology in business, maybe because I started when I was 20 years old 4 years ago so I’m kind of in the tech generation. What I want to get across is the power of using technology to automate your real estate business for leads and for increasing productivity which will magnify a user’s capability to be everywhere at once.I created the system I used and refined over the last few years which allowed my partner and I to close around 100 deals annually and generate around a half million in revenue annually with an extremely low overhead without any assistants. At the same time giving us all the free time we needed to do whatever we wanted. The key points required to effectively implement tech into your business (to be like EVERY other successful industry in the world). Certain points need to be addressed:1. Accessibility: By being accessible and being able to easily and quickly access your business from anywhere at any time it will make you much faster while giving you the ability to do everything from anywhere. By putting a system in place that will help manage the daily operations and schedule of your clients the active aspect of your business will become more passive. The activities will become automatic and you can streamline your business so every transaction will run smoothly.2. Transparency: By being able to provide transparency to clients and being able to keep customers in the loop does a huge thing for building trust. Being able to do this automatically is even better and clients appreciate being able to know what’s going on when they have a question without playing phone tag with you and you having to call back once your able to look through the file and find the answer.3. Compliance: Like every business real estate has certain procedures, rules and required documents to complete a transaction. This is by far the biggest pain in any agent’s butt when you have checks at the front desk but it won’t be released because you missing a paper. It’s a waste of time and nothing makes me angrier then having to wait for my paycheck. Being able to automate and accurately clear files quickly and easily is crucial to burn through transactions quickly without any snags and move on to the next one.That’s about it. With the above items taken care of you will drastically improve your business and be THE real estate sales. It took me four years to perfect the systems, but now work has never been easier. Below is the link to my system sign up and let me know what you think.Ryan SchattnerEscrow Coordinator PLUSSign up for a free trial Escrow Coordinator PLUS and boost your business CLICK HERE.