Expert Physics Tutor Can Answer Any of Your Physics Questions

A Physics tutor is a extremely well-informed person. This person has incredibly good level of knowledge in the subject. Perhaps the tutor of a subject would have done a graduation or a post graduation.

In schools we usually have Physics tutors who are very qualified. They can coach the curriculum for Physics for that level. They find the concepts very straightforward as they have very strong knowledge of the subject.

Physics is the groundwork for growth of new advances in science. New technologies lead to new various gadgets. The tutor emphasizes on technically sound knowledge of physics. They comprehend much about how precisely different machines work.

Physics is a theme from the science stream. Knowledge of this subject is required for scientists, engineers, and people into research. Robotics or study of space has its nucleus in the physics that we had learned in school.

Movement of planets in their orbits is very scientific. The tutor will be able to clarify the movement of planets in their orbits to their students. Now the learners will find it very interesting to marvel further about the planets and the galaxy.

It is the time of advanced gadgets. Behind the making of each gadget are basic laws of Physics. The tutor can discuss the advanced gadgets with the pupil. This expands the thought process of the learner, and they having greater curiosity in how these gadgets work.

Its summer now and ripe mangoes are spilling from the mango trees. There are principles of weight and gravity which the scholar can be told about. The Physics tutors can teach in an informative style the principles in physics.

Physics tutor can improve your understanding and awareness of this subject. These tutors can inspire you by clearing up all the concepts. We should appreciate these tutors who will assist us in getting in-depth ability of this complicated subject.

Music and Physics -Through the Ages

Music is one of the most expressive art forms ever perceived by man. Music enriches the environment with lively and sometimes even melancholous strains. However all music, classical or folk, for that matter gets the form from the musical notes. Classical Western Music is even more dependent on chords, the sounding of two or more notes musical notes simultaneously.In this article, rather than describing about how music and physics evolved hand in hand, the author shall venture out to explain the physics of chords as it was understood long ago and how is it understood now.

The Physics Of A Chord:

First, before we get into too much technicalities, lets begin with what is a chord?

‘A chord is the simultaneous and deliberate sounding of two or more musical notes which is pleasing to the ear’. Now, we have included the factor of being pleasing to the ear for defining a chord. So we should see what makes a chord sound pleasing to the ear.

Now, there are basically seven notes in the musical scale. According to Carnatic music, they are Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni. Now, they are arranged in increasing order of frequencies. If Sa corresponds to 1 unit of frequency then the other notes are as follows:

Sa- 1 ,Ri- 9/8 ,Ga-81/64 ,Ma-4/3 ,Pa- 3/2, Dha- 27/16 ,Ni- 243/128.

Now, it is a common observation that every fifth note when sounded together sounds pleasing to the ear. Now, that implies Sa and Pa should sound consonant( Pleasing to the ear). Now,

The frequency of Every fifth note/The frequency of the base note = 3/2

So, it means any two frequencies such that one frequency is 3/2 times the other should sound pleasing when sounded together. This was first suggested by the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. The reason for why this works is still not quite clearly understood, but it definitely works. The reader, if he has a piano or a keyboard, shall have an interesting time playing notes which are a fifth to some other note. They shall sound particularly and distinctly pleasant.

In the forthcoming articles, the author shall try to explain why a few notes sound solemn and a few others sound cheerful, and also briefs the reader how this may be used to the advantage of a composer.

The Quantum Physics of Relationships

One person can save a failing romantic relationship. No couples therapy necessary.


Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy in motion. Put those two concepts together and you cannot refute the fact that your thoughts lead to your emotions that lead to your unique world, the reality each individual creates.

You know the question, “Is the glass half full or half empty?” Your response reveals how you run your head.

Do you see the good side of life or the bad side?

Does your focus hone in on what serves you and brings you happiness and health? Or do you misuse your imagination thinking about painful past events and create pictures of even more frightening and disappointing circumstances in your future?

Whichever you choose to see is the one you will live. Guaranteed.

Ah yes, quantum physics further explains that the observer influences the result. The mood you experience when you make your observation totally determines the outcome.

Think of it this way…

In a scientific experiment the scientist poses a hypothesis, predicting a specific outcome of the experiment. Then he observes what happens, interprets his data, and writes up the results he observed.

Two things to know:

1. The scientist sees what he expects and accepts to see and literally is blind to other outcomes–not intentionally. just how the mind works unless a conscious effort is made to include ALL possible outcomes, including those never anticipated and seemingly unrelated to the issue under scrutiny.

2. The scientist, by having a desired expectation, influences the result, increasing the chances of verifying his hypothesis.

How do you apply that knowledge in your own life?

Did you ever know someone diagnosed with a tumor (it showed up in a number of tests) who, on the way to the surgical procedure envisioned herself as all healed and then, when final tests were done just before the surgery (to verify where to operates) all tests showed negative? No more tumor. Remarkably the tumor previously revealed on earlier tests also disappeared.

Your mood influences what you will read in the unopened letter, in the status of the gift you sent across the ocean, on the phone call you’ve been waiting for, in the diagnosis from the doctor, etc.

In fact, scientific tests showed that item A, placed in a package and mailed overseas, somehow mutated during shipment into an item B matching the item B at the receiving end which was originally an item A BEFORE the package shipped.

That research is not new. Many similar experiments verify what quantum physicists verified over the years. Thoughts, as conscious or subconscious intentions, are powerful energies that affect outcomes for people, objects, and events.

Now you know why you do not need couples therapy to move a failing relationship to an amazing one of partnership. Only one person does the work and influences the other just using her own energy to heal herself and send love both to him and to the relationship as a separate entity.