Spiritual Quantum Physics and Your Higher Self


I use the word ‘higher self’ to mean the highest aspect of man. You may call it your soul, your spirit, your conscience, it does not matter.

It is the highest level of consciousness (being) that man can attain in any one incarnation. It is at this point that man can do the most good for himself and others.

According to the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics we constantly ‘blink in and out’ of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God for one purpose and one purpose only.

To continually raise our levels of consciousness. This way we advance closer and closer to our ‘higher self’ our soul.

Attaining this Goal will allow our ‘higher self’ to work with us 24/7 in all our earthly dealings.

But in order to get in touch with our ‘higher self’ it is necessary for us to destroy all our negative emotions. Negative emotions shut down the door to our ‘higher self.’

If we only knew what we lost by continually enjoying our negative emotions and allowing them to run our lives we would be horrified.

Since we cannot kill off our emotional nature all together we must learn to purify our emotions.

The purification of our emotions starts with the observation of and the separation from these negative emotions. Hate, lust, greed, fear, anger are a few of them.

In the great work of our lives to become more conscious and in touch with our ‘higher self’ observation and separation from our negative emotions must become a daily work for us.

There are those who say if there is a God why doesn’t he help us nor do it for us. Why doesn’t he change us into the marvelous negative free beings we were supposed to be?

Because we were created self-developing organisms capable of becoming God’s ourselves. But we must EARN this state of being by ourselves.

If God or anyone else could transform us into a wonderful state of higher consciousness, negative free being the whole meaning of life on the planet Earth would have to be altered.

We blinked out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, as self-developing organisms, as potential gods for the sole purpose of doing it ourselves. No outside help is needed. No second coming or intervention of ‘higher forces’. No 7th cavalry. We do it all alone or we don’t do it at all.

It is man’s level of consciousness (being) being both individually and collectively that attracts the quality of life on this planet.

Wars, cruelty, horror, greed, immorality occur (look at TV and the newspapers) because man’s collective level of consciousness (being) on the planet today is at a very dangerously low level.

There is no guarantee that we will not be swept away the way Atlantis and other civilizations before that were.

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Music and Physics -Through the Ages

Music is one of the most expressive art forms ever perceived by man. Music enriches the environment with lively and sometimes even melancholous strains. However all music, classical or folk, for that matter gets the form from the musical notes. Classical Western Music is even more dependent on chords, the sounding of two or more notes musical notes simultaneously.In this article, rather than describing about how music and physics evolved hand in hand, the author shall venture out to explain the physics of chords as it was understood long ago and how is it understood now.

The Physics Of A Chord:

First, before we get into too much technicalities, lets begin with what is a chord?

‘A chord is the simultaneous and deliberate sounding of two or more musical notes which is pleasing to the ear’. Now, we have included the factor of being pleasing to the ear for defining a chord. So we should see what makes a chord sound pleasing to the ear.

Now, there are basically seven notes in the musical scale. According to Carnatic music, they are Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni. Now, they are arranged in increasing order of frequencies. If Sa corresponds to 1 unit of frequency then the other notes are as follows:

Sa- 1 ,Ri- 9/8 ,Ga-81/64 ,Ma-4/3 ,Pa- 3/2, Dha- 27/16 ,Ni- 243/128.

Now, it is a common observation that every fifth note when sounded together sounds pleasing to the ear. Now, that implies Sa and Pa should sound consonant( Pleasing to the ear). Now,

The frequency of Every fifth note/The frequency of the base note = 3/2

So, it means any two frequencies such that one frequency is 3/2 times the other should sound pleasing when sounded together. This was first suggested by the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. The reason for why this works is still not quite clearly understood, but it definitely works. The reader, if he has a piano or a keyboard, shall have an interesting time playing notes which are a fifth to some other note. They shall sound particularly and distinctly pleasant.

In the forthcoming articles, the author shall try to explain why a few notes sound solemn and a few others sound cheerful, and also briefs the reader how this may be used to the advantage of a composer.