Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction – What Is the Link?

If you have heard of the law of attraction chances are that you have come across mentions of Quantum physics as well. At first impression, these two topics seem worlds apart from each other. But if that is so, then why do people mention quantum physics and law of attraction together, as if there was a deep link between them? Let us have a look at why these two seemingly diverse topics get simultaneous attention and mention.

What Exactly Is Quantum Physics?

Quantum physics is that branch of physics that specifically deals with Quanta. Quanta are nothing but minute or indivisible parts of energy. Quantum physics is based on certain crucial fundamental facts. Firstly, it makes one point very clear that the world of quanta is totally different than the world in which we live. Next, it states that the elementary particles of quanta can exist both in wave and particle form.

There are many other complex matters discussed this subject, but what matters to people like us who are investigating the relation between quantum physics and law of attraction are the strange results of some of the experiments done. The double slit experiment, Copenhagen interpretation and Schrodinger’s cat experiment are the major examples.

Double Slit Experiment

The double slit experiment revealed that particles of energy could exist in both particle and wave form and the mere act of observation by an observer could cause the particles to behave differently than what they behaved previously (without observation).

Copenhagen Interpretation and Schrodinger’s Cat

The Copenhagen interpretation also claims that particles can take a wave form or particle form depending upon the observation. In simple words it means that events can take a turn according to the act of observation. Schrodinger was a physicist who proposed the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment to explain this better. According to this thought experiment, a cat (presumed) who is enclosed in a box with radioactive counter and hydrocyanic acid could be dead and alive at the same time, with both states being real.

The final outcome of the experiment will depend upon the observation made at the time of opening the box to check on the cat. According to Copenhagen interpretation, the act of observation is the decisive factor that determines the reality of the outcome.

Applying Quantum Physics to Law of Attraction

Our thought processes are a form of energy and the minutest part of this energy is called quanta. We already know that quantum physics states that these quanta can exist either as waves or particles. We also know that the decision of the quanta to present itself as waves or particles is dependent / can be changed according to the act of observation by the observer.

On deeper understanding what we can infer is that our thought processes can project / create a reality, and that reality is totally dependent upon the act of observation by us. Or in more simpler terms we see what we believe / want to see. We create our own reality according to the energy released by our thought processes.

Numerology, Quantum Physics and Pythagoras

Pythagoras was a great teacher, philosopher and mathematician in Ancient Greece. Thousands of years ago he said, “God Geometrizes.” He also said, “Numbers are alive and are the creation tools of the Universe.” In addition, he gave the world the great mathematical secret called “The Pythagorean Theorem.”

Over 40 yeas ago, when I was first introduces to the writings and teachings of Pythagoras, there was in immediate rapport. I began my forty year study of numerology. Even though I did not understand what he meant when he said, “Numbers are alive.” I believed it.

For too many years, myself and millions of others have been kept in the darkness of the dogmatic teachings of the Age of Pisces. We were kept from thinking “out of the box. We were taught that only humans, animals and plants were alive. And that only we could possess a wisdom, a force or power of any kind.

How could such an inanimate object, like numbers, possess an intelligence? How could they possess the ability to create? How could they be more than a chalk mark on a black board or a pencil mark on a pad of paper? We they are! They are, in fact, Divine Powers and we can use them to recreate our own lives.

The Age of Aquarius, with it’s new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics, has blown not only the lid, but also the sides off of the “Piscean Box.” These laws tell us that all is energy. And that everything is alive with “Quanta,” life force, that thoughts, as well as numbers are things.

Everything, Universes, Galaxies, Planets, Suns, people, thoughts, emotions, and numbers all exist in an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy. It is called the Quantum Ocean, which in reality is the Mind of God. We are all live move and have our being within the Mind of God. Since we are energy, the Universe is energy. Planets, other people, dogs, cats, NUMBERS all are energy. We and all energies affect each other.

The Great Cosmic Law of Three and the Laws of Resonant Frequencies tell us that whenever one energy field (us) comes into contact with another energy field (person, place or thing) a relationship is born. The relationship of the two different energies creates a third energy. This third energy is affects the relationship in many subtle and not so subtle ways. When you were born, there was a particular numerological energy present in the world around you.

By taking your first breath, you tuned your finer energy structure with the prevailing energy structure of the day. You tuned into the power of the number. In Numerology, this is referred to as your “Destiny Number” and you cannot change it because it was the prevailing energy of the day you were born. This energy is inside of you and is a permanent part of the signal you transmit to the world around you.

The signal we project outward, attracts our life in the form of persons, places and events. Therefore, it is important that you know the attracting power of your “Destiny Number.” There are only nine living number powers. Every two digit number can be reduced to one of the base nine numbers. All is energy! You are energy! Numbers are energy! When two energy systems come together a third energy is formed, that being the relationship which will greatly affect your life.

The name you were given can be reduced with Pythagoras’s numerological system to a series of numbers. These numbers create relationships with you and attract people, places and events into your life. If you don’t particularly like the way your life is going, not enough money, health, love, or creativity, then simply change the letters of your name and add or subtract letters, until they add up to the numbers of the numerological energies you wish to have in your life.

You can change your present reality into a more healthy, happy an loving reality by changing your name. Remember Numerology shows us how and that all is energy. Become a different energy being.

Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics – 4 Keys to Proper Manifesting

The Law of Attraction teaches us that thoughts are things. And that by focusing on our goals and dreams, we can attract those things. Quantum Physics looks at how the world works on a sub-atomic or quanta level. Here’s a linear way to understand the powerful connection between Quantum Physics and LOA.

1. Newton

Sir Isaac Newton built on Galileo’s idea that there was a big empty space out there and that it functioned like a mechanical clock. We are familiar with Newton’s classic laws of physics, like an object in motion tends to stay in motion. It fits our sensory experience of life. To move a rock you have to touch it in some way; A cannot effect B unless something causes it too. Newton’s cause and effect worldview seemed like an unbendable law and led scientists right into the twentieth century. Then Einstein happened. A new dawn where everything was made up of little packets of energy suddenly arrived.

2. Einstein

It was Albert Einstein and his discovery that energy and matter (thought and manifestation, to some) can go back and forth – are one and the same. He cracked the old Newtonian way of thinking and Quantum Physics was born. In essence, everything including your thoughts were shown to be waves or particles of energy, depending on your perspective. Thoughts now had incredible power. But not until the quantum worldview merged with the Law of Attraction did we see the true potential for creating reality.

3. Non-locality – Perhaps the Most Profound Scientific Discovery

Non-locality refers to the quantum mechanics notion that objects that are far apart in space have connections (or communicate) and can instantaneously affect each other. Einstein himself called non-locality “spooky action at a distance.” Fritjof Capra, author of the Tao of Physics, states that “At the instant we perform our measurement on particle 1, particle 2, which may be thousands of miles away, will acquire a definite spin along the chosen axis. How does particle 2 know which axis we have chosen?” Spooky indeed.

Now, with regard to the Law of Attraction, imagine if you focus intently using a proven LOA system. The frequency of your thoughts can potentially communicate with other thoughts in your mind, the thoughts of others, and even the universe. This should be reason enough to move your LOA efforts into high gear.

4. Potential

Another quantum discovery was that quantum particles do not possessive definite qualities until the moment they are measured. Along those lines, all laws of atomic physics [and quantum physics] are expressed as probabilities. Capra says, “At the sub-atomic level [quantum level also], matter does not exist with certainty at a definite place, but rather shows ‘tendencies to occur.'” This understanding when applied to thought leads one to see that he or she has infinite control over what can be influenced – moment to moment. Instead of the old idea that one thing must act upon another, we see very clearly that thoughts and actions can effect the world instantaneously – across space. Your power to shape your reality is only limited by your imagination – your thoughts.


The purpose of understanding these Quantum Physics ideas is twofold. First, they will help shift your conscious or non-conscious perception of the world as a cause and effect Newtonian model to a world of unlimited potential. Second, you can embolden your Law of Attraction efforts with your new quantum understanding of how vibrational energy is in everything. There is no such thing as empty space but rather infinite vibrational energy everywhere. The stars, humans and even rocks are in a state of constant vibration. So we are always co-creating with our environment.

By adopting a quantum worldview we allow ourselves to attract what we want into our lives, assuming we follow a proven Law of Attraction system. Although Quantum Physics teaches us a new way to view the universe, which is comprised of our mind of course, the real focus needs to be on changing your thoughts. Reprogramming your non-conscious mind with new beliefs, thoughts and intentions changes your vibration energy and you are subsequently acting in harmony with the universe and its quantum laws.

This requires a proven system and teacher that has mastered control of the subconscious and conscious mind.