Spiritual Quantum Physics and Your Higher Self


I use the word ‘higher self’ to mean the highest aspect of man. You may call it your soul, your spirit, your conscience, it does not matter.

It is the highest level of consciousness (being) that man can attain in any one incarnation. It is at this point that man can do the most good for himself and others.

According to the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics we constantly ‘blink in and out’ of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God for one purpose and one purpose only.

To continually raise our levels of consciousness. This way we advance closer and closer to our ‘higher self’ our soul.

Attaining this Goal will allow our ‘higher self’ to work with us 24/7 in all our earthly dealings.

But in order to get in touch with our ‘higher self’ it is necessary for us to destroy all our negative emotions. Negative emotions shut down the door to our ‘higher self.’

If we only knew what we lost by continually enjoying our negative emotions and allowing them to run our lives we would be horrified.

Since we cannot kill off our emotional nature all together we must learn to purify our emotions.

The purification of our emotions starts with the observation of and the separation from these negative emotions. Hate, lust, greed, fear, anger are a few of them.

In the great work of our lives to become more conscious and in touch with our ‘higher self’ observation and separation from our negative emotions must become a daily work for us.

There are those who say if there is a God why doesn’t he help us nor do it for us. Why doesn’t he change us into the marvelous negative free beings we were supposed to be?

Because we were created self-developing organisms capable of becoming God’s ourselves. But we must EARN this state of being by ourselves.

If God or anyone else could transform us into a wonderful state of higher consciousness, negative free being the whole meaning of life on the planet Earth would have to be altered.

We blinked out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, as self-developing organisms, as potential gods for the sole purpose of doing it ourselves. No outside help is needed. No second coming or intervention of ‘higher forces’. No 7th cavalry. We do it all alone or we don’t do it at all.

It is man’s level of consciousness (being) being both individually and collectively that attracts the quality of life on this planet.

Wars, cruelty, horror, greed, immorality occur (look at TV and the newspapers) because man’s collective level of consciousness (being) on the planet today is at a very dangerously low level.

There is no guarantee that we will not be swept away the way Atlantis and other civilizations before that were.

Mass Energy Equivalence – Mass and Energy Correlation in Physics and Its Spiritual Relevance

Mass and energy appears to us in conventional thinking as two entirely different entities.

We all know, or at least seem to know, what mass is. We know that it is somehow inextricably connected to weight. A heavier object has more mass. It is also usually connected to size, but this is of less relevance, as a large amount of cotton for example, would have less mass than a sand heap of the same size. In scientific terms, mass is defined through the property of inertia, the more mass an object has, the more its inertia. This means that the more the mass of an object, the harder it is to get it to move and to stop it once it is moving. We can understand this easily when we consider how much easier it would be to push a small car and get it to move, or to stop it when it is moving, than it would be to start or stop a huge truck, for example.

Energy is a bit more illusionary. It is defined as the capacity of an object to do work. It is unseen, and it is only its effects that can be experienced, when it is let off as heat or light for example. We can also see its effects when an object moves or does any work.

Energy and work thus seems too entirely different things. While mass of an object is what makes it loathe to move, so to say, energy is what gets it moving and doing work. Mass is something we can touch, something which we can carry around, but energy is a concept and only its effects are experienced.

Therefore, it is quite perplexing to know from Einstein’s equation, E=MC2;, that energy and mass are so inextricably interrelated.

A common misunderstanding of E=MC2 is that it shows that mass can be converted into energy and vice versa. But this is not so.

What the equation means is that mass is the same as energy, and mass and energy can be expressed as each other. When an atom bomb bursts and gives off 21.5 kilotons of energy, the amount of matter left behind loses 1 gm of weight. This does not mean that 1 gm of matter in the bomb has been converted into 21.5 kilotons of energy. What it means is that 1 gm of matter in the bomb can also be expressed as 21.5 kilotons of energy and vice versa. The bomb when it bursts can be said to have lost both 1 gm of mass and 21.5 kilotons of energy. If we were to explode the bomb in a large box which absorbed all the 21.5 kilotons of energy, we would find that the box now weighs 1 gm more.

The real way to understand E=MC2 is that it unifies mass and energy, in that we can express a certain amount of mass as its equivalent of energy and vice versa. Energy and mass are like two sides of a coin, the same phenomenon appears as mass on one side and as energy on the other.

This unification of mass and energy, besides its implications for physics, also has very important ramifications for philosophy. Since matter and energy combines together to form this material world, what it means is that all things are unified, that there is a single commonality behind this world, which is expressed as matter on one side and energy as the other, and which is the root of all the phenomena in this world. Thus E=MC2 brings us closer to the monism of Advaita Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism.

Wisdom of the Ancient Norse and Spiritual Quantum Physics

The World’s oldest traditions tell us that long ago all peoples inherited a body of sacred truths.

The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that everything that ever was, is or will be exists in the timeless, space-less Quantum Ocean, which in reality is the Mind of God.

This wisdom always existed and exists now. It only needs to be brought out of the Quantum Ocean, dusted off and presented in a language more befitting to the New Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius is a new energy presented to all mankind on the planet. It will be with us for 2000 years.

The wisdom of the Ancient Norse with its myths, rituals and esoteric philosophy is wine in old flasks,

You cannot put the new wine (energy) of the Age of Aquarius into these old Piscean (last 2000 years) flasks.

For modern day Northern Europeans seeking out the wisdom and knowledge of their Ancestral Soul we need new flasks. New understanding of the myths and rituals are needed. We need to do these ourselves.

It is time to penetrate to the core of inspired meaning, hidden in the Norse myths using modern day language and the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

To the Norse bards or skalds, the interplay between gods and giants represented the interaction of spirit (gods) and matter (giants) through mansion after mansion of planetary and solar spheres within All-Father Odin’s domain.

The modern science of Spiritual Quantum Physics has given us a wider view showing us that the All-Father Odin’s domain is just one small domain in the infinite domain known as the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

It is the well known Volsupa or Sibyls Prophecy that tells of the formation of worlds, of Odin’s search for wisdom in the spheres of matter (Quantum Ocean), and when the Gods withdrew and Earth was no more.

This is explained in the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics by the concept of ‘blinking in’ and ‘blinking out’ of everything that exists in the Quantum Ocean.

People ‘blink in and out’ (reincarnation), animals, plants, planets, suns, solar systems and according to the Ancient Aryan Brahmin philosophy, so will the whole Universe when God breathes in.

Everything exists and never dies and everything ‘blinks in and out’ according to its own time table.

When Odin hung on the windswept tree for nine nights, he paid the sacrificial price that allowed him to see the runes inside of the Quantum Ocean, where they always existed for eons, and bring them out.

We are building a new way for our Kindred to understand the wisdom of the Ancient Norse and the runes.

All is energy. We live, move and have our being within an infinite timeless, space less point called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

It is our task, as kindred, to ‘think’ our way into the Quantum Ocean and bring out this Ancient Norse Wisdom and put it in new flasks.